We Help You Enjoy Travel

Believe it or not everyone always has somewhere to go; Travel is more of a necessity whether people need it or not. Whether it is a Lions Club convention, Deafblind conference, service dog meetups, government meetings, family reunions, visiting family and friends, commuting for work, family and business vacations, cruises, group get together, etc there is nothing a travel agent can't do but a travel agent needs experience doing these things.

We at Global Access Travel do not charge for making reservations for most hotel, car, rail (some exceptions apply); many OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) do charge other fees for these types of reservations for most if not all hotels. However, you are not able to earn points or Elite status if you book through many if not all OTAs for hotels for certain brands. You can still earn air miles as you would traditionally. Unfortunately for any travel agency you do have to pay quite a few fees for cancellations or changes since the agency and the service provider both charge fees you are likely to pay more in change & cancellation fees if you book through most travel agencies rather than with the service provider directly. source: The Points Guy

Despite the fact that travel agencies may or may not charge certain fees; travel agents are here to do a job for you so that you do not have to. We at GAT feel that you should be able to dedicate your time to what is most important to you even if that means getting away and traveling is the most important to you; however what you do leading up to your departure or after your arrival could be more crucial to you, so we will help you by taking on the planning and making arrangements for you at no cost to you other than airline tickets and certain accommodations.