Travel Companion and/or Travel Assistant Personalized Service:

We will provide upon request for a nominal fee in person personal travel companion for any portion of your trip that are related to travel; other needs such as feeding, bathing, hygiene and medical care are not provided under any circumstances; if you need a personal assistant for basic needs it is recommended that you provide one yourself and make reservations to accommodate your personal assistant on your trip as needed. 

  • Don't like traveling alone? (we will be happy to accompany you during any portion of your travels)

  • Need help managing luggage during check in, transfers, arrival/carousel & customs, 

  • Prefer basic assistance with locating facilities that might be needed (rest room, handicap parking, lounges, taxi lanes, etc) 

  • Aisst you with obtaining the necessary accommodations for your trip while on location. 

  • other non-medical related assistance 

**Please note this is NOT an SSP service for the Deafblind, for further questions about this service please contact us.

**Photography services can be made available for a separate additional fee upon request; please email if you would like photography to be included with travel assistance.