Errors: Global Access Travel will do the best to ensure information related to the content on this website is accurate as possible with due diligence, the travel industry is constantly changing which means that some information can and will be out of date which will mean information on this website may or may not be current. We will do everything we can to keep information as current as possible when we are aware travel industry information related to the content on the website has changed. 


Reservations: We cannot guarantee rates & fares, accommodations and other amenity choices related to the reservation until your reservation has been paid for and confirmed. Reservations are not always instantaneous which often have lead times for processing, which could affect originally quoted rates and the option to obtain a full refund or pay the difference will be given should the rate be higher or simply not available.


Assumed Responsibilities: We are not obligated to provide services beyond the scope of our service offerings that are customary to the travel/hospitality industry as an agency/agent unless we agree and explicitly imply that we will in writing (website, brochure, invoices, quotes, statements, etc) or in conveyance with our clients (email conversations, social media chat messages and videophone relay service conversation, etc); Global Access Travel offers traveler assistance and companionship, however these services are not inclusive of any.

Travelers/clients that obtain travel through Global Access Travel are solely responsible for making their needs or accommodation requests known to us so that we can ensure that accommodations that we can obtain for you have been arranged. We do not arrange personal assistance services including but not limited to Support/Sighted Service/Support Person (SSP); we will gladly refer our clients to the organization/agency responsible for providing these personalized services. 


Quotes: It is customary in the travel industry to issue quotes as a guide in decision making; quotes are estimates and are not a guarantee of what will be charged when making a reservation.  We will issue a new quote when the previous quote has been more than 72 hours before beginning the reservation process to ensure there are no significant changes nor rate differences from the previous quote and to give clients an opportunity to accept or approve the new quote as necessary.


Advertisements: Global Access Travel will display promotions, specials, deals and other travel related advertising on its website either by displaying its own ads or displaying content provided by vendors GAT has access to.  GAT is not responsible for any errors relating to advertisement content from its vendors; you may contact us for more information about the advertising content and we will be more than happy to contact the vendor for you.


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